Preservation Resource Center of New Orleans



Our handsome architecture and lively streetscapes speak volumes about the settlers who, over nearly three centuries, built New Orleans into the international city it is today.

Wherever you go in New Orleans, history surrounds you. Explore New Orleans and discover our culturally rich neighborhoods.

New Orleans’ historic neighborhoods range from the earliest years of the city’s history to its recent past. Within this spectrum there are old neighborhoods shaped by French, Spanish, and Caribbean tastes, more American areas that developed after the Louisiana Purchase, and 20th century sections that sprang up as the swamps were drained. Today these neighborhoods still reflect the dynamic mix of the cultures that created them.

In this section you’ll find an interactive map showing the National Register Historic Districts in New Orleans, an exhibit illustrating the house types typical of the city, some success stories from PRC renovations, and a gallery of before and after photos showing the dramatic possibilities of historic preservation.